Scar Serum


Scar Serum

Do you have a scar?

An old scar or a new scar?

If you want to reduce the size and appearance of the scar then we have the product for you.

Based on Botanical research, you will love this serum.

A potent natural mixture, with that contains potent anti-inflammatory properties.

The active ingredients act by activating and speeding up the formation of granulation tissue and the regeneration of the epidermal cells of the skin.

When used twice daily the appearance and size of the scars is reduced.

Get back the skin you want.

Calm: Scar Serum 

15ml in a glass dropper bottle


Contains a tested mixture of:

Sweet Almond Oil

Rosehip Oil

Jojoba Oil

Taumanu Oil



Nature always has the solution.


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How much do I need to use?

Gently massage one – two drops onto the scar every day.

For best results use twice each day (morning and night)


Is this natural?

Yes, this is not only 100% natural, it is also vegan


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