Calm Refine: Foaming Lash Cleanser

Calm Refine: Foaming Lash Cleanser

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Do you have lash extensions?

Do you look after your lashes?

Time to cleanse your lashes today.

Calm Skincare brings you a Foaming Lash Cleanser.

Keep your natural lashes and extensions clean and healthy with this natural,  vegan friendly and cruelty free foaming lash cleanser.

For best results use every 2-3 days.

Apply one pump to your lashes and lids, using the lash cleaning brush. (included)

Leave the solution to sit for a moment on your lashes, before using the brush to massage the foam gently around your lashes and lids.

Gently rinse off using luke-warm water and pat dry.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Includes 50ml foaming cleanser and a lash cleaning brush.


Also great as an eye makeup remover!!!